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– Explore the Ghost Ship Attraction in the Heart of Wellington –

Find your way through our Haunted Escape Maze! We offer a Self-Guided Tour for families and kids on the weekdays and a LIVE Action Tour with Real Performers at the weekend.

Experience a real dive experience in our VR Submarine. Explore the depths in our Titanic Submersible!


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From NZ$22

The HORROR Show – Our Premium Experience with Real Actors & Latest Special FX! The Ultimate in Screams & Entertainment.

The Haunted Tour – An Automated Experience gives you a Thrilling Adventure without the performers!

Virtual Reality Submarine – Dive the Depths of the Ocean in VR

Family Friendly & School Tours – Learn about our Attraction & Wellington’s Haunted History. Email for more info.


MONDAY … 10AM – 10PM*

TUESDAY … 10AM – 10PM*



FRIDAY … 10AM – 10PM*


SUNDAY … 11AM – 9PM*

 * LIVE Show Available *



Survivor Stories

First time I've done something like this since I was a kid and it was a lot of fun. I went through solo and it would have been better and probably a lot scarier with a group. I felt confident that the staff would have respected my boundaries had I needed to leave the maze. It's a real highlight to see yourself on the nightvision cameras after you leave and it would be great if they offered a behind the scenes tour to see more of what is actually going on.

– Samuel Page | Google Reviews

Totally worth it!!! We went with my partner today and it was fun! Nick was at the reception and he was into the theme from the begging, he is very nice and funny. Whoever was inside the place scaring us was amazing as well, did a really good job!! We paid 2x$50 and lasted around 15mins, I think the price is perfect, and is worth it. It is scary but you survive it. You get a fright but then laugh because of how good it was 😂 if you are around and feel like doing something different go for it!

– Sofia Selim | Google Reviews

Worth it?? Yes Scary out of ten. I would rate it around 7/10. If u go slowly it is not scary at all. Also lots of jump scare but if you ground yourself. It isn't that scary. But don't take too long coz the faster you go the more unpredictable jump scare there are.

– Leon J. | Google Reviews

My wife and I went ourselves and had a great time! We like scary movies, if you cant handle a scary movie then this attraction might be pushing your boundaries. If you can it is a damn good time! The staff were super friendly and polite and a great entertainment while we waited to enter.

– Thatguynick | Google Reviews

Manages to be scary enough for the brave members of the group and still manageable for the less brave ones 😂 I was terrified but actually ended up really enjoying myself and would totally do it again 😁

– Beth Vale | Google Reviews

Absolutely recommend these guys for a good fun scare. The staff are just brilliant and the maze is awesome. Been here twice and have loved both times ☺️

– Christine Biggar | Facebook

The experience is amazing! They really scared the ever living crap out of us! We did the maze as a birthday activity for my birthday and all I can say is BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVER. I’ll definitely do this again.

– Lucia Blas Tabeira

Honestly it’s like Spookers came to Wellington! It’s super scary, gives you great adrenaline rushes, worth the price. They also offer great prices for aftermath photos! I didn’t get their name but the front of house person was super sweet and welcoming! 10/10 would definitely go again!

– Albion Haines