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Welcome to Fear Factory Queenstown! Out of all the Queenstown events you can explore, ours is by far the scariest. Experience the thrill of our haunted hotel that will send shivers down your spine. It might even send you running back towards the door — are you brave enough to face your fears?! Book tickets for you and your group online below.

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From NZ$24

The LIVE Show – Is our premium live experience with real actors and the latest special effects. This horror experience is a must do if you are looking for the ultimate scares and entertainment.

The Self-Guided Adventure – This brand new automated actor-less experience will give you the most thrilling adventure in Queenstown! If you want the fun factor but not as much of the scary factor this is the tour for you.

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MONDAY … 11AM – 10PM*




FRIDAY … 11AM- 10PM*


SUNDAY … 11AM – 10PM

*Self-Guided Tours Available


King’s Birthday Weekend

Monday 6th June | 10AM- 6PM| Self-Guided Tours ONLY*



Survivor Stories

I was really glad that my teenage daughter talked me into doing this with her, as I chickened out without even trying! Turned out it was better than I expected and quite proud to say she screamed more than I did lol A really scary experience that lived up to its expectation but we made it to the end in one piece. Staff were helpful and explained things really clearly. Happy that we can finally tick the Fear Factory box :-)

– Samantha Tan | Google Reviews

Totally had me screaming, lol. So much better than Spookers in AKLD. It's really pitch black, that adds to the fear factor, walking not seeing anything. Highly recommend you take the time to have the experience.

– Lisa Howard | Google Reviews

Worth it?? Yes Scariest Thing I've ever done!! Awesome!!

– Leon S. | Google Reviews

My husband and 2 teeangers really enjoyed this. They said that they were not scared but they really enjoyed themselves and that it was really very well done. Staff super friendly and accomodating as well.

– Freddy K. | Tripadvisor

The host was amazing and the experience was so cool! All the staff made for a very memorable visit! Absolutely loved the videos and photos too. So cool to see our group get scared lol. Definitely would recommend a visit to the fear factory team!

– Hannah F. | Tripadvisor

Excellent evening was had! Atmosphere and decor on point and we had a epic scary evening! Not all fears are easy to visualize but you guys nailed every single one! Must go for anyone heading to Queenstown!

– Vrmcindoe | Tripadvisor

Get ready to be SCARED, really scared. I love this place, went with my son and it was awesome. I don't want to spoil it, give it a go, it is AWESOME! Very professional and slick. Great entertainment! AWESOME AAAA++++

– Lucia Blas Tabeira | Tripadvisor

Such an awesome experience definitely worth every penny - we were terrified the whole way through and laughing after every scare/fright. Can’t wait to come back at level one when the ghosts and ghouls can interact with us more but still loved every second of our experience with level 2 conditions. Thanks for a good time !

– Talia | Tripadvisor

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