Behind the Screams

We make monsters every day. It takes time and talent to create the perfect creature of the dead but we pride ourselves on bringing the dead back to life. You'll meet a few of them... but here is a sneak peek of what brings the perfect fright.

Our process takes time and practice but when the proper talent and technique is used the effects can be horrific!

We recommend starting off the look with a good pair of special contact lenses, they’ll really help to bring you character to life. They come in all colours and styles so choosing one that suits your monster is important. For shock factor the most effective for horror we find are Whiteout or White Zombie styles, available from your local chemist or in our store.

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devon rabbit

For the right skin tone the colour pallets we’ll use are a combination of Ben Nye Makeup Wheels and Mehron Stage Blood. These trusted brands are industry standard in SFX Makeup and you’ll get great results with time and practice.

When it comes to Halloween, we like to pull out all the stops, which often means cracking into a bottle of liquid latex and using a variety of prosthetics.

We highly recommend looking at our youtube channel for more advanced techniques and some really cool unique characters. Check it out –

If you’re interested in our freaks or want more facts, get in touch with us a [email protected]

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