bloody knife
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Blood Splattered Knife

$40 $30 Adults

$20 Kids

(7-15 YEARS OLD)

$99 $80 Families


Blood Splattered Knife

Join Us, if you DARE!

Fear Factory Queenstown is an intense, fun, frightening, thrilling experience! We’ve just reached 25,000 People Chicken Out!

Are You Brave Enough?

3 scared girls and 1 scared guy
3 very scared people
couple scared in Fear Factpry Queenstown
2 guys freaking out
4 terrified guys in Queenstown haunted house
Fear Factory Queenstown Haunted House 4 scared people
Family in haunted house Queenstown
Queenstown Haunted House 4 scared people
Fear Factory offers visitors a unique entertainment experience…real life fun and scares in the heart of Queenstown!

Complete with live actors and impressive special effects, guests dare to walk the dark hallways of the old Lockhart Hotel – can they make it through or do they call ‘Chicken’? it’s their individual adventure to experience.

Opening Hours

2pm - 10pm
2pm - 10pm
2pm - 10pm
2pm - 10pm
2pm - 10pm
11am - 11pm
11am - 10pm

3rd August - Staff Function - 11am - 6pm

25th October - Labor Day - Closed


Fear Factory Queenstown

July Deal

Come unhinged with our July Deal.

For the whole month of July
Book 4 x Adults for ONLY $99.
A massive saving of $61

Are you brave enough …


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bloody knife
Book Now Fear Factory Queenstown
Blood Splattered Knife
Chicken Counter at Fear Factory Queenstown - will you survive

Will You Chicken Out?

people already have!

Are you brave enough to survive the terror that lies within our Haunted Hallways? If you decide you’ve had enough scream ‘I Chicken Out’ and we’ll bring you back to the exit early, you’ll then be added to our ever growing Chicken Counter! Now at more than 24,000 people!