Fear Factory offers visitors a unique entertainment experience…real life fun and scares in the heart of Queenstown!

Complete with live actors and impressive special effects, guests dare to walk the dark hallways of the old Lockhart Hotel – can they make it through or do they call ‘Chicken’? it’s their individual adventure to experience.


Fear Factory Queenstown

May Deal


May’s witching deal has begun.


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bloody knife
Book Now Fear Factory Queenstown
Blood Splattered Knife

$40 $30 Adults

$20 Kids

(7-15 YEARS OLD)

$99 $80 Families


Chicken Counter at Fear Factory Queenstown - will you survive

Will You Chicken Out?

people already have!

Are you brave enough to survive the terror that lies within our Haunted Hallways? If you decide you’ve had enough scream ‘I Chicken Out’ and we’ll bring you back to the exit early, you’ll then be added to our ever growing Chicken Counter! Now at more than 24,000 people!

3 scared girls and 1 scared guy
3 very scared people
couple scared in Fear Factpry Queenstown
2 guys freaking out
4 terrified guys in Queenstown haunted house
Fear Factory Queenstown Haunted House 4 scared people
Family in haunted house Queenstown
Queenstown Haunted House 4 scared people

Scared the tonsillitis out of me!

Fear Factory is absolutely exceptional and a MUST DO. We are lovers of all things spooky and this certainly did not disappoint. Even those who are fearless are sure to be left shaking in their boots.
My lungs got a serious workout – it really is harrowing and acutely haunting.
Thank you Fear Factory for leaving us in a sweating, quivering, crying mess!

Mell 5*****

What a Thrill

Don’t think; just do it! So much fun if you like the heart pounding rush of a good scare. A total mix of shrieking in fear and roaring with laughter. A highlight of our holiday.

Adam G 5*****

Fantastic Fear Experience

Went in on a whim and was our best experience in Queenstown. Absolutely incredible scare experience that left us breathless from both fear and laughing at ourselves from screaming so much.

Megan 5*****

Adrenalin pumping scares

This was full on scary for real.. definitely worth doing if you are in Queenstown. Not for the faint hearted, if you love an adrenaline pumping scare this is for you.

Red Country Travel 5*****

Terrifically Terrifying

Absolutely terrifying!! And the service from staff was welcoming, friendly and enjoyable. Would be open to returning once my pants have dried and my heart stops racing

Ediebellve 5*****

What a scare!

Brilliant place with great unexpected scares. Been to a fair few haunted houses but this experience was by far the best! Highly recommended!!

Ichheda 5*****

Opening Hours

Monday: 2 pm – 10 pm
Tuesday: 2 pm – 10 pm
Wednesday: 2 pm – 10 pm
Thursday: 2 pm – 10 pm
Friday: 2 pm – 10 pm
Saturday: 11am – 11 pm
Sunday: 11am – 10 pm

February 8th – Waitangi Day – Closed 

March 22nd – Otago Day – Closed 

25th April – Anzac Day – Opening at 1 PM

May 4th – Staff Function – Closed 

7th June – Queen’s Birthday – Closed 

25th October – Labor Day – Closed