Frequently asked Questions

What will you find?

Spine Tingling Suspense and Screams await you. Challenge yourself
and all your friends to a real life horror experience! Your every fear is
bought to life inside our dark passageways. If you make it out alive
you’ll have the time of your life!

Can you go alone?

Yes you can but we recommend you team up. It’s more fun with
frightened friends!

Is it a ride or walk?

You walk through the attraction with your fellow victims at your own
speed following a trail of red lights.

Is it suitable for children?

Fear Factory is geared towards adults. Though it is not recommended for
children they will survive with a parent or guardian.
(Under 15’s must be accompanied by an adult)

How long is the experience?

Allow 30 minutes for the experience and add 5 minutes for your pants to dry!

What is the chicken list?

If at any time during your experience you choose not to continue you just
stop and scream “CHICKEN!” and one of our ghouls
will come to take you directly to the exit.
You are then added to our chicken list