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Terryfiying but so much fun!

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I’d highly recommend this place – I left feeling terrified, which was definitely the aim.
It’s quite a simple way of doing things, but it’s really effective – put you in a dark room and let you fear what’s going to jump out at you!
The actors, costumes and displays are all amazing, the guy who runs the place is absolutely lovely, and the whole experience is super fun/scary.
My friends took me for my birthday (so naturally I had to go first) and aside from all the screaming, we laughed the majority of the time. I’m definitely going to back for one of the theme nights!



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wow amazing experience!! absolutley terrifying but so awsome at the same time! me and my partner were so scared but so glad we did this!! my favorite and number 1 best attraction in queenstown

Natalie P

Highlight of our Trip!

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This was so awesome, my partner and I didn’t even know Fear Factory existed when we arrived. It was the highlight of our time in Queenstown. Absolutely terrifying! Would love to do it again and would recommend it to everyone as long as you don’t mind being scared to death!


Horror fantastic!

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I am a horror freak.
I love this sort of thing.
Ive done haunted houses many times, but this was one of the best.
Adrenalin inducing freak out of the best kind!!
If you like this kind of thing, you must do it, these guys have created a great, unique & scary attraction right in the centre of Q-town.
So much fun and so worth it!!
Thanks guys…..we had a blast!!